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We also offer an optional D-cell leading edge kit STC No. SA4773NM.  The advantage of this kit is the rigidity, since it is made from .020” thick 2024-T3 Alclad aluminum sheet, which is much more dent resistant than the original softer aluminum leading edge skin.  The D-cell configuration also increases wing torsion rigidity.  The leading edge kit fastens around the nose of the rib to the back of the main spar at the top and bottom, and is secured by screws.

Many of our customers who install the spar and leading edge kits are reporting a 3 to 5 knot airspeed increase at the same power setting.  Our supposition is that this is attributed to the rigidity of the metal spar and the leading edge extending farther aft in the critical area of the airfoil.

Our conversion kits are for 7AC through 7GCBC spars.

No AD’s have been issued for our STC spar kit or leading edge kit.  Metal spar AD’s currently issued are for a different manufacturer and do not apply to STC No. SA3829NM or No. SA4773NM.