Milman Product

Since it's founding in 1955, MILMAN Engineering has been dedicated to the development of precision machine tools - tools that speed production and cut costs - tools that do exacting jobs efficiently.  

In 1984 Milman Engineering was approached with a request to become the exclusive manufacturer of spar series 7 and 11 replacement conversion kits. Through engineering analysis these spars prove to be 73% stronger than wood spars. Several in flight structural failures have been attributed to cracks in the wood spars. We feel, and our customers agree, that aluminum spars virtually eliminate the risk of undetected spar cracks. Since then we have also acquired the STC to produce leading edge kits for the 7 series and a smoke system for the 8KCAB.

We have been satisfying customers in aerospace, electronics, die casting, automotive and other industries. Building our reputation on high quality and advanced design in production machinery. Although our machines are easy to set up and operate, they are also designed to provide high quality and high output at low cost.